Seek the unique.” This is a common thread that runs through the Ikon Pass community. Unique characters, unique adventures, unique destinations. In turn, when it comes to pass holders devising road trip rambles and making home mountain memories, every experience is one for the books. These are trips to be celebrated, scenes to be captured on film, and stories to be shared in fire-warmed cabins year-after-year.

This is the Ikon Pass community, and these are its members. Each individual going all in, every crew going full-send, every story as distinctive as the member who tells it. Because, as the mountains connect us, this unique community is what holds us together.


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“Play Your Heart Out: Pam & Dan”

To the beat of their own song, Pam and Dan set out to visit nearly every North American Ikon Pass destination. They played tunes, slayed turns, and celebrated 30 years of love in the mountains.

“It’s Always the Right Time to Send It: Magnus”

Magnus went all-in on adventure, by sending himself out-of-the-office and into the mountains for 100 ski days and 1.8 million vertical feet.

“Dare Yourself to Drop In: Megan”

Drop out of your ordinary life and drop into your mountain dreams. Megan dared herself to one day visit 50 mountains, and spend her 50th birthday in the Rockies.

“You’re Never Too Old, Or Young: Norm & Olivia-Pearl”

Our final friends in this series of Meet the Unique are Norm and Olivia-Pearl. From a 95-year-old mountain master to a 2-year-old who already shreds, they remind us that you are always the right age to play in the snow.

Do you have unique stories you want to share? Maybe you’ve met an Ikon Pass holder with a special tale to tell? Tell us about your adventures in the form below for the chance to be featured in future editions of Meet the Unique.