Flakes are flying at destinations around the world and it’s just a matter of time before opening days for the 22/23 winter season are here. With fall in full swing, we get that you’re itching to pull on your boots, zip up the snow jackets, buckle into your gear, and drop into all the winter fun that awaits. But before you embrace the season, we have some quick travel tips to help you prepare for yewww and organize your ski or snowboard vacations.


Snowboarder coming down a snow-covered hill


Claim Your Season

Even if you’re only planning to do one ski or snowboard trip this year, a season pass is the most convenient – and often most economical – way to access the mountains. There are several products that can get you on the lifts quicker.

The 22/23 Ikon Pass offers access to 50+ destinations around the world. It’s the perfect pass for those looking to explore different mountains or hit the slopes a lot during the season, without the worry of blackout dates. The Ikon Base Pass and Ikon Base Plus Pass are both great options that offer similar access to the Ikon Pass, but with some differences and limitations. The Ikon Session Pass lets you ski or ride two-, three-, or four-days total at a select number of destinations. This is an ideal product if you’re planning a long weekend somewhere or only want to ski a few days this season.

Claim your pass now, as these options will go off-sale early in the season.


Book Your Stay

The best way to secure your ski vacation accommodation is to book well in advance. Plus, many resorts offer discounts and deals on early bookings. There may also be special offers for booking during certain times of the year when there are less visitors and a surplus of lodging inventory. If you can be flexible with your travel dates, you may be able to score a room at a discount and have fewer crowds to contend with.

If you’re an Ikon Pass holder, check out Ikon Pass Travel. This service, exclusively for pass holders, helps you build a customized trip and book it all with the help of experienced travel specialists.


View of a mountain hotel at sunset


Reserve The Fun

If you or anyone in your group is a newbie to skiing or snowboarding, a lesson is the best way to learn the basics and feel comfortable on the hill. All Ikon Pass destinations offer exceptional ski and ride instruction for all age ranges. And you can opt for private or group lessons, depending on the kind of instruction you want.

Even if you’re not new to winter sports, sometimes a lesson is a great way to improve and build your skills. Many destinations offer advanced lessons for those who really want to master the next level and tackle the more intense terrain.


Two skiers racing down a steep snow slope with a scenic mountain backdrop behind them

For those guests who have their own gear, rentals may not be on your to-do list. But if you’re traveling to a destination that requires you to fly, you may want to skip the hassle of packing your equipment and rent instead. This means less to carry on the journey. Plus, you can try out some different styles and brands that you really like.


Pick Your Activities

While skiing and snowboarding may be the focus of your vacation agenda, there are many other winter activities you and your group can enjoy. After a day on the mountain, enjoy some après and live music, relax and recharge with a visit to the spa, or sign up for a snowcat dinner or moonlight snowshoe tour. If you want to take a day off from the skiing and riding action, try skating at the village ice rink, speeding down the tubing hill, or zooming on a snowmobile.


Four people dressed in winter snow gear standing at the top of a snowy hill with four inflatable tubes behind them

Every Ikon Pass destination offers something unique, you’re sure to find an activity that everyone in the crew will love.


Confirm Final Details

Regardless of how far away your ski trip is – three weeks or three months – be sure to double check that you have all the final details set. Season passes or lift tickets have been bought, lodging has been reserved, all lessons and rentals are in the books. But there are a few other details you may want to think about:


  • Packing: A ski or snowboard trip requires a different mindset when it comes to packing. There’s a lot of specific gear you need to have on the mountain. Checkout our guide on the essentials to pack for a ski vacation, and make sure you have all the little things in your suitcase before you leave.
  • Insurance: As with any large travel purchase, securing insurance is very important. You never know what can come up, and you want to protect your investment as best you can in case you aren’t able to go on your trip for any reason. Most airlines and hotels offer insurance that can be added to your purchase.
  • Season Pass coverage: There’s also insurance coverage available for Ikon Passes and local season passes. If you haven’t bought your pass yet, you can select two insurance options during checkout.
    •  Pass Protection, which provides protection if an Ikon Pass or season pass holder can no longer use their pass due to eligible covered events any time after pass purchase.
    • Injury Insurance, which covers eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses if an Ikon Pass or season pass holder is injured while using their pass.

(Both coverage options can be added in the checkout at time of purchase. If you bought a pass and did not add protection/insurance at the time, you can call 888-365-IKON to add Injury Insurance, which can be added at any time during the season, as long as it is before an injury has taken place. Adding Pass Protection post-purchase is no longer available.)


With all that said, it’s time to prepare for yewww and throw some stoke onto this winter. With over 50 destinations worldwide, adventure lives everywhere you want to be.


A family dressed in ski gear getting off a ski lift