Vast territories and extreme verticals are at your fingertips with the Ikon Pass—granting access to some of the biggest destinations on the planet. These mountains put skills to the test as skiers and riders tackle intense downhills, high elevations, and tricky terrain, giving a whole new meaning to “go big or go home.”

Largest Skiable Lift Access Terrain

Big Sky Resort

The name says it all: This place is big. Located in the Northern Rockies of Montana, Big Sky boasts the largest continuous skiable lift access acreage of any of the Ikon Pass destinations. With 5,850 acres to explore between four mountains, skiers and riders will experience unfathomable space and the most diverse terrain. Combine that with the World’s Most Technologically-Innovative Lift System—and North America’s first eight-seat, D-line lift—and Big Sky not only grants guests even more slope time but guarantees them comfort and speed as they’re whisked to their next run. Top the whole experience with a ride up the Lone Peak Tram to 11,166 feet, offering stunning views of three states and two National Parks. Not to mention 300 degrees of skiing and riding, which means guests will never hit the same line twice. With all this, it’s easy to see why Big Sky is said to be “The biggest skiing in America.”

Highest Summit

Aspen Snowmass

Gain some serious altitude at Aspen Snowmass, boasting the highest summit of any Ikon Pass destination. Head to Snowmass Mountain Resort and make your way to the top of The Cirque, rising up 12,510 feet. Take a moment to soak in the Rocky Mountain highs and beautiful scenery before tearing down the Cirque Headwall to explore the rest of Snowmass’ varied terrain.

Highest Vertical


Thrill-seeking skiers and riders have long admired the vast terrain at Revelstoke. But it’s the steep vertical and perfect powder that keeps die-hards coming back. Revelstoke offers the most vertical across all ski destinations in North America. At 5,620 feet (1,713 meters) of lift-accessed vertical, Revelstoke is an oasis for extreme winter sports enthusiasts. Throw in its 3,121 acres of fall line skiing, four alpine bowls, and legendary glades, and Revelstoke offers guests boundless adventures that will leave them hungry for more.

Skiing down a steep run at Revelstoke, which has the highest vertical of any resort in North America
A skier going down a groomed run at Revelstoke in Alberta, Canada

Longest Run


Love to feel your quads burning? Revelstoke’s legendary Last Spike is the longest run accessible with an Ikon Pass. To access this non-stop, powder-packed thrill ride, take a ride up The Revelation Gondola. Then scoot over to The Stoke Chair, which will whisk you to the very top of Last Spike. Once there, get ready to blast down 9.5 miles (15.2 km), all the way to the bottom.

Longest Ski Season

Mammoth Mountain

When warm weather moves in, the winter action keeps going at Mammoth Mountain. Its high altitude, solid snowpack, and heavy northern exposure allows Mammoth to provide the longest season of any Ikon Pass destination. With an average season length of over 215 days, this Sierra Mountain gem often sees skiers and riders hitting lines well into the summer months. For East Coast residents, Killington provides the longest ski season in New England, with 195 days, on average