Across each snowbound mountain destination on the Ikon Pass, there’s always more than meets the eye going on behind the scenes. Mountain wide – from before the sun rises until well after it sets – these activities and actions are rarely seen by guests. Yet, they are experienced day-in-and day out, constantly making the on-mountain experience something special and unique.

Beyond the snow, it takes motivated, passionate people to move mountains. These are the Ikon Pass employees who have demonstrated what it takes to keep things running, stepping up in hard times, and forever showing love for their mountain communities.

Nadia B. – Helicopter Pilot

If you’ve ever dreamt of taking flight or soaring over the mountains and exploring remote, untouched landscapes, then a trip to CMH Summer Adventures should be on your bucket list. With multiple locations to see, CMH takes adventurers and combines them with expert guides to hike summits, traverse glaciers, or simply wander among the wildflowers.

However, none of this exploration would be possible without the incredible aviation team piloting each adventure. Nadia B. is one of only two female pilots flying these groups to the high country. With only 49 commercially registered female pilots in all of Canada, Nadia is a shining example of what’s possible when you dare to chase your dreams.

“Women are strong and capable and we belong in these places as well” – Nadia

From Skies to Summits

Nadia’s days start with a guide meeting and a quick weather check – an essential ritual to ensure the safety and success of the day’s adventures. After breakfast, she heads out to the helicopter around 9 AM, making sure that everything is in running order for the exciting day ahead. As the helicopter engine roars to life, Nadia takes flight with the day’s group of eager heli-hikers ready to explore their remote mountain playground.

CMH heli-hiking passengers get to experience the beauty of secluded mountain locations, alpine lakes, and glaciers that only a privileged few have seen. After lunch and a long day of hiking and exploring, the group reboards the helicopter to return for a night of après.

Passion Takes Flight

Nadia loves having the unique opportunity to go to beautiful and secluded scenic mountain locations while getting paid for it. Her untraditional 9 to 5 consists of swimming in alpine lakes, standing on glaciers, and witnessing the pure exhilaration on the faces of the adventurers that she guides each day. Seeing how stoked they are to experience this adventure makes Nadia feel like a rockstar as she lives the dream while sharing it with others.

Beyond the Skies

Nadia’s adventurous spirit extends beyond the cockpit, as she spends her days off racing down trails on her mountain bike and exploring her new home of Golden, British Columbia. Never one to slow down, Nadia has also recently embarked on a house-building journey – a testament to her determination both in and out of the skies.

The Next Generation of Trailblazers

Nadia’s advice for other women looking to explore the field of aviation is simple yet powerful: “Just do it! Don’t be intimidated.” While she has found men in the field to be very supportive, she encourages women to stand up for each other and support one another while pursuing their aviation aspirations. In her words, “Women are strong and capable, and we belong in these places as well.” It’s a message that resonates not only in the skies but in every facet of life. Nadia’s journey proves that the sky is not the limit – it’s just the beginning.

Helicopter being flown by Nadia.