The Northeast is chock full of amazing ski hills, prepped and ready for you to ride all winter long. But what’s the best way to enjoy them all season? With a season pass, of course.

The Ikon Pass gives you access to some of the best ski resorts in the Northeast, with several options to satisfy your adventure level and your budget. Plus, it’s the easiest way to experience some of the most iconic ski destinations around the world. Still not sure if an Ikon Pass is the best ski pass for riding on the East Coast? Let’s dive in.

Is there an East Coast ski pass?

Technically, no. Ikon Pass does not have an East Coast ski pass, specifically. But it does let you ski and ride at seven of the best ski resorts in New England: Stratton, Sugarbush, Killington-Pico, Sunday River, Sugarloaf, Windham Mountain, and Loon Mountain. Keep in mind, though, that each pass product offers a different level of access at each destination.

The Ikon Pass gives you the most days at all destinations, including the Northeast ski resorts. If you pick this season pass, you can ski or ride at Stratton and Sugarbush as many days as you want during the season, with no blackout dates. And you get 7 days each at Killington-Pico, Windham Mountain, Sunday River, Sugarloaf, and Loon Mountain, again, with no blackout dates.

The Ikon Base Pass provides similar access, but with a few limitations. You can still ski or ride as many days as you want at Stratton and Sugarbush, but there are blackout dates during peak holiday times. You get 5 days each at Killington-Pico, Windham Mountain, Sunday River, Sugarloaf, and Loon Mountain, also with blackout dates.

The Ikon Session Pass gives you two-, three-, or four-days total at a select number of Ikon Pass destinations, including all seven Northeast ski resorts. So, you can ski two, three or four days at one destination or spread those days out across multiple destinations during the season. For example, if you purchase the 4-day pass, you can use all four days at Stratton, or you can use one day at Stratton, two days at Killington-Pico, and one day at Sunday River. It’s up to you. Once all those days are used, though, you don’t have any more for the season. In addition, blackout dates apply at all Northeast destinations on the Ikon Session Pass.

If you don’t want to worry about keeping track of which days you can and cannot ski or how many days you have left for the season, the Ikon Pass is the way to go.

Skier going down a steep powdery run with a scenic mountain view in the background.

How much is the Ikon Pass?

The cost of a season pass depends on which product you choose to buy, and which age group you qualify for. There are 6 types of Ikon Pass products you can buy: Ikon Pass, Ikon Base Pass, Ikon Base Plus Pass, Ikon Session Pass 4-Day, Ikon Session Pass 3-Day, and Ikon Session Pass 2-Day. Within each pass product, there are different age levels you can purchase based on how old you are: Adult (ages 23+), Young Adult (ages 13-22), Child (ages 5-12); and 4 & Under (ages 0-4).

Not sure which age level to get? It’s based on how old you are at the time you buy. For example, if you’re 22 when you purchase a pass, but will turn 23 during the winter season, you would purchase the Young Adult pass (ages 13-22) since you currently fall into that age category. If you have a child that is four but will be turning five later in the year or during the ski season, you will buy the 4 & Under pass since your kid still falls in that age level at time of purchase.

Group of friends toasting to a great day on the mountain at Killington Resort

Is it worth the cost to buy a ski season pass?

How much do you plan to ski or snowboard? If the answer is “a lot” then a season pass is certainly a value buy.

But if you’re new to either sport or only plan to visit the mountains a couple times, the Ikon Session Pass is a great introductory product to get you out on the snow. The pass has fewer days at fewer destinations, but it’s a budget-friendly option and a good fit for the casual skier or rider. Plus, if you ski or snowboard even 2 days, the pass more than pays for itself.

Hardcore winter sports enthusiasts who have a long list of mountains they want to hit will find the Ikon Pass to be the most useful. It gets you access to all 50 Ikon Pass destinations, including the seven Northeast resorts. Plus, no blackout dates, so there’s never a concern about showing up on a day when you can’t ski or ride.

Are there other Northeast ski pass options?

Every Northeast ski resort that’s accessible on the Ikon Pass may also offer a local ski pass. This means it only works at that location and is not a multi-mountain ski pass. If Stratton is your home mountain, and you have no plans to go anywhere else, you can choose to purchase one of the Stratton passes, such as the Stratton Summit Pass, Stratton Select Pass, or Strattitude Pass. Sugarbush also has several pass options to fit all levels of skiers and riders.

The Ikon Pass is your Northeast ski pass, letting you ski and ride at top resorts across New England throughout the 22/23 winter season. Lock in your pass now at the lowest prices of the season. Visit for all the details and choose which pass it right for you.

Base village at Stratton in Vermont