In Colorado, you can enjoy mountain adventure all year long. But one of the best times to get outside is in the winter, when pillows of fresh powder are waiting to be carved. If you’re eager to get in some laps at Colorado ski resorts, but aren’t sure the best way to do that, consider purchasing a season pass.

The Ikon Pass gives you access to some of the best ski resorts in Colorado, with plenty of options to fit your activity level and your budget. Plus, it’s the easiest way to experience some of the most iconic ski destinations around the world. Still not convinced? Let’s break this down.

Does the Ikon Pass work at Colorado Ski Resorts?

Absolutely. It lets you ski and ride at six of the best ski resorts in the state: Steamboat, Winter Park, Aspen Snowmass, Copper Mountain, Eldora, and Arapahoe Basin. Keep in mind, though, that each pass product offers a different level of access at each destination.

The Ikon Pass offers the most days at all destinations, including the six Colorado ski resorts. If you opt for this season pass, you can ski or ride at Steamboat, Winter Park, Copper, and Eldora as many days as you want during the season, with no blackout dates. And you get 7 days each at Aspen Snowmass and Arapahoe Basin, again, with no blackout dates.

The Ikon Base Pass offers similar access to the Ikon Pass, but with some differences and limitations. You can still ski or ride as many days as you like at Winter Park, Copper and Eldora, with no blackout dates. You get 5 days each at Steamboat and Arapahoe Basin, with blackouts applying only at Steamboat for the 22/23 season. The Ikon Base Pass does not work at Aspen Snowmass, but you can choose to purchase the Ikon Base Plus Pass to get 5 days there or go all out with the Ikon Pass to get 7 days there.

The Ikon Session Pass gives you two-, three-, or four-days total at a select number of Ikon Pass destinations, including five Colorado ski resorts: Steamboat, Winter Park, Copper Mountain, Eldora, and Arapahoe Basin. This means you can ski two, three or four days at one destination or spread those days out across multiple destinations during the season (for example, if you have the 4-day option, you could ski two days at A-Basin and then one day at Copper, and one day at Winter Park). Keep in mind, if you purchase the 2- or 3-day option, and decide later that you want more ski days, you can call to upgrade to a higher pass product. But if you stick with the Ikon Session Pass product, you can only go as high as the 4-day option. Of course, you can always upgrade to the Ikon Base Pass or Ikon Pass.

Blackout dates apply at all Colorado destinations on the Ikon Session Pass, so if don’t want to worry about keeping track of which days you can and cannot ski, the Ikon Pass is your best bet.

How much is the Ikon Pass?

It depends on which pass product you choose to purchase, and which age group you fall into. There are 6 types of Ikon Pass products you can buy: Ikon Pass, Ikon Base Pass, Ikon Base Plus Pass, Ikon Session Pass 4-Day, Ikon Session Pass 3-Day, and Ikon Session Pass 2-Day. Within each pass product, there are different age levels you can purchase based on how old you are: Adult (ages 23+), Young Adult (ages 13-22), Child (ages 5-12); and 4 & Under (ages 0-4).

Not sure which age level to purchase? It all depends on how old you are at the time you buy. For example, if you’re 22 right now, but will turn 23 during the 22/23 season, you would purchase the Young Adult pass since you fall into the age category of 13-22 on the day you buy. If you have a child that is four but will be turning five later in the year or during the ski season, you would buy the 4 & Under pass since your kid still falls in the 4 & Under age level at time of purchase.

Is it worth the cost to buy a ski season pass?

That depends entirely on how much you plan to ski or snowboard and where you want to go.

If you’re just getting started in either sport or only want to go a couple times, the Ikon Session Pass is a great kickstarter to get you out on the slopes. While it has fewer days at fewer destinations, it’s a little more budget friendly and is a good fit for the casual skier or rider. And if you ski or snowboard even 2 days, the pass more than pays for itself.

If you’re a hardcore winter sports enthusiast who has many destinations on your bucket list, the Ikon Pass is the way to go. It gets you access to all 50 destinations, including the six Colorado resorts. Plus, no blackout dates, so you never have to worry about showing up on a day you can’t ski or ride.

For those who fall somewhere in between beginner and expert, a season pass is still a great value if you plan to ski or ride more than a couple days each year.

Are there other ski pass options in Colorado?

Every Colorado ski resort that’s accessible on the Ikon Pass may also offer a local ski pass. This means it only works at that location and is not a multi-mountain ski pass. If Winter Park is your favorite mountain, and you don’t plan to ride anywhere else next season, you can choose to purchase the Winter Park Season Pass or the Winter Park Midweek Pass (if you have the flexibility to ski during the week). Steamboat also offers a variety of local ski pass options, some that work all season, and others that work for a specific time during the season.

The Ikon Pass is your Colorado ski pass, letting you ski and ride at top resorts across the state throughout the 22/23 winter season. Visit for all the details, and choose which pass it right for you.