You’ve purchased your ski pass, booked a trip (or five) to one of 47 global Ikon Pass destinations, and upgraded your gear. But wait, you might want to add one more task to the ski season checklist: downloading the new Ikon Pass mobile app.

While some of us enjoy unplugging while we click in, with the Ikon Pass app, every skier and snowboarder will find a feature to enhance their experiences on the mountain. Free and available now in the US – Apple App Store and Google Play Store – the app is designed to help Ikon Pass and Ikon Base Pass holders get the most out of their day on the mountain.

Ikon Pass app users can explore destinations through snow reports, live cams, weather updates, and interactive trail maps. Once on the mountain, users can connect to other pass holders, create groups, and track on-mountain stats and leaderboards.

Here are some easy tips and updates that will help you navigate the app’s best features.


Where there may have been some sign-in issues in the past, these issues have been resolved. Simply please upgrade to the latest version of the app for best use.


Tracking is one of the most requested features of the app, and we’re continually working to improve the functionality and capabilities of this feature. To get the most out of where you go, please consider or review:

  • Always manually turn on tracking. You’ve got to hit the button to get things going.
  • Based on location services, you should be able to start and stop tracking through an automatic prompt as you get to a destination. If this does not happen, tracking can always be started and stopped by navigating to the destination map and force starting tracking via the button in the upper left corner.
  • Tracking can be inhibited by restrictive location permissions. If you’re having trouble, check your location permissions and ensure that they will allow you to track. You can always revise them when you leave the mountain.
  • Low battery mode and/or battery saver mode often shut down or limits the GPS pings that your phone makes and receives. Please aim for a full battery and turn off your energy-saving options.
  • When and where possible, start your tracking session with a strong connection to either cellular data or WiFi. These services vary from mountain to mountain, and sometimes it’s best to actually start tracking before you even arrive, either on the drive or even at home. If the destination you’re visiting does have WiFi, connect at the base and start tracking before you begin making laps.
  • Sometimes, tracking is enhanced when you stop and start between sessions. An example of this is when moving between mountains at Aspen Snowmass, or Alta and Snowbird. When you leave one mountain, stop your current session and start a new one. As you kick things off on the next hill, start a new session.


Facebook login has been another requested feature for the Ikon Pass app. While this is on our roadmap for development, it is not a current function. If you are attempting to access in this manner, please hit the link to reset your password. This will lead you to create an AMP account that will get you logged in, allowing you to explore destinations and track adventures. Again, both Facebook and Apple login are on the roadmap as features to come. We hear you.


Who said they are no friends on a powder day? Ikon Pass holders can find their mountain locations on the live map, create groups of friends, and send in-app chat messages (scheduling apres-ski has never been easier). After a day on the mountain, Ikon Pass sends an email with summary stats and friend group leaders. This helps you see how you and your group stack up against the Ikon Pass community.

If you’re on the mountain with a friend who has an Ikon Pass, making a group and connecting for a day on the hill is pretty straightforward. However, if you have an Ikon pass and are riding with someone who is not a pass holder this year, you will need to invite them to join a group. In this specific instance, that invitation is a one-way street; you have to invite them.


A recent update means that riders from 13-17 can now log into the app.


Currently, there is not an option to use the Ikon pass app outside of the US. However, there is a firm roadmap in place to ensure usage in Canada – both in English and French – will be available for 2021. 


Yes, tracking your max speed is pretty awesome. Taking a gnarly spill or hurting someone else, however, is not. Always ski within your ability, and keep an eye out for uphill, crossing, and downhill traffic. Be a conscientious member of the mountain community. Just because you can see your max speed doesn’t always mean that you need to test it.


Looking for something that isn’t mentioned or reflected here? Check out or Frequently Asked Questions page for more in-depth information.


As with any new techy goodness, the Ikon Pass app is new and iterative, and will only get better with time. If you encounter any issues or bugs that you feel need to be addressed, please get in touch and report them. This app will be best strengthened by the very community it serves.

PHONE:           833.456.6277


41 destinations, a connected community of mountain fanatics, endless adventure, and an app to help you explore it all. From storm tracking your favorite Ikon Pass destinations to monitoring stats like days skied, vertical feet, max speed, number of runs, and current altitude, it’s all on the Ikon Pass app. And with the live location orientation, you can find your location on a trail map while competing for a spot on the community leaderboard. So, before your next trip, download the Ikon Pass mobile app, connect with adventure, and unlock your best season yet.