Drop in on unique stories and rich histories that lay the foundation for some of the most iconic trails in North America. Across more than 50 destinations worldwide, these trails go beyond just extreme terrain or family cruisers; they are also home to legends that have shaped their communities and left a lasting impact on the local culture. From the adventures of world-renowned athletes to the deep-rooted traditions of indigenous tribes, these trails are named for the remarkable individuals and events that have defined their regions.

Whether you’re exploring Tremblant or diving into the challenging terrain of Winter Park, each trail invites you to become part of its storied past. Experience the legacy of Erik Guay’s alpine prowess or honor the Arapaho heritage at Winter Park. Each new run is a journey through history, offering not only exciting, challenging terrain or summit vistas, but also a connection to the legends that make these destinations so special.


Trail Name: Thunderbird

Local Legend: The name ‘Thunderbird’ honors the Arapaho heritage of the land where Winter Park Resort sits. In Arapaho mythology, the Thunderbird is a powerful creature responsible for creating lightning and thunder. To honor this heritage, Northern Arapaho Tribe elders consulted on the trail names before the Eagle Wind Lift opened in 2006. Thunderbird symbolizes power and strength, reminding skiers and bikers of the formidable natural forces and the area’s cultural significance.

Peak Interest: A black diamond trail, 1.03 miles long with a 1,175-foot vertical drop. Accessible via the Eagle Wind lift, it’s the longest trail in the Eagle Wind area.


Trail Name: Erik Guay

Local Legend: Erik Guay, hailing from the Mont Tremblant region, is celebrated as one of Canada’s greatest skiers. With a career spanning over a decade, Guay became a world champion in alpine skiing and represented Canada in the Olympics. His impressive World Cup record includes 25 podiums and 5 victories, making him the most decorated alpine skier in Canadian history. The Erik Guay trail honors his legacy and connection to the mountain, replacing the Grand Prix trail during Tremblant’s 25th anniversary celebration. Guay’s influence continues through his children, who compete with the Mont Tremblant Ski Club.

Peak Interest: A black diamond winter trail, 1.3 km long with a 283-meter vertical drop. Accessible via several lifts, it offers great views year-round.