A story about a dad, his kids & the mountains

Almost every weekend, Pete drives his children, Mica (6) and her brother Kai (8), to the mountains. Enjoy a mountain trip through Mica’s eyes, a little girl who will only ski in all pink, sees the weekend as an “extended recess,” and truly believes that her Dad likes to pull her across “the flat parts.”

After bundling up and collecting their Ikon Passes, Mica and Kai race to the lifts and follow Dad wherever he goes—into the trees, through the park, and practicing turns on the groomers. He teaches them that we get back up when we fall, and that it is okay to make mistakes.

Monday through Friday, Pete is a Product Director for a software startup. When the weekend comes around, he shares his love for the mountains with his kids, and teaches them that the outdoors is the best playground.

From the long drives, to hot chocolate breaks, to taking just one more run—watch why Pete is Mica’s and Kai’s icon, and why all Dads are icons.

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