For any given ski industry stereotype, there are a 100 different unique characters out there on the mountain, chasing their own individual version of stoke. From Van Life Powder Chasers, to Après Aficionados, to Lil Rippers carving out their own brand new, stoked-out line.

Tune into this episode of The Snow Report and perfect your own mountain persona. The stoke is real.

As individual as style, “owning the stoke” is all about the attitude and joys you carry with you into the mountains. For you, owning the stoke might be found in first tracks or a day spent solo-stylin’. For others, it might be found in days crushing laps with the crew or late-day après snacks. And just as we’re all different in what brings us joy, we’re all connected by the mountains. It’s this landscape that pulls us together and sets the stage for furthering these moments.

In this episode of The Snow Report, host Halley O’Brien explores just how much professional-grade, carve-crushing stoke can fit into an Ikon Pass travel backpack. Once out of the bag, we check-in with a very special athlete who happens to carry podium-level stoke with her everywhere she goes.

Tune in. Get stoked.

The Ikon Pass family is steeped in the idea that a sense of character is essential, that individuality is special, and that every one of our distinctive personalities should be celebrated and showcased – because that is precisely what makes each and every Ikon Pass destination unique.

And just as we’re all different – each with our own quirky sayings and our proud regional dialects, it’s the mountains that pull us together, and it’s our shared passion for chasing POW that unites us. So, when you hear that strange-sounding new word, lean into it. It’s time to learn a little bit more about who you share the runs with.

Partnering with the fun, witty, one-woman banter characteristic to The Snow Report, Halley O’Brien unpacks an Ikon Pass backpack full of items characteristic to specific Ikon Pass destinations and regions. On camera and on the spot – in a gameshow setup – Halley guesses the mountains tied to each item. Tune in to see her get stumped by chili and stomp correct guesses tied to lobster and maple candies.

Keep an eye out for future The Snow Report episodes – there will be more to come in this space from Ikon Pass.