You know it, we know it. This community of adventure seekers would all rather be out there, playing, exploring, sharing good times together. This year, Earth Day is the time to celebrate the moments enjoyed while planning for the moments yet to come. So, dig into that photo album of favorite trips, dive into google earth, and plan that soon-to-be-someday adventure. While we are all backyard bound for now, the mountains are always waiting.

Today, more than ever, this community stands together.

Today is a celebration of where we play.

Today is a nod to the moments we preserve.

Today is an understanding of what we must fight to protect.

One community. Many passions. All found in the Mountains.

Today is our Earth Day.

While sticking close to home in quiet towns the world over, this adventure seeking community remembers and celebrates the absolute joy of a day spent together in the mountains.

With the earth firmly under our feet, together we are as tall as the mountains.