The path laid out before each of us is a constant process of discovery. A process that at times can be both daunting and challenging. But when we take control of our future and begin to carve out our own path, it is an endless opportunity to explore our boundaries and grow beyond them. Because it is the human potential in each of us that truly knows no bounds.

Adaptive Athlete Phil “Q” Quintana

Phil “Q” Quintana is boundless. Approaching the journey of recovery as an opportunity, Phil, who goes by Q, is an adaptive athlete. He champions the benefits of a positive, proactive mindset during recovery and throughout life.
A marine who suffered a life-altering experience in the field, Q adjusted course. He used the journey of recovery to set the stage for a new mindset and outlook. Lifted up by the support of his family, Q began a recovery regiment with the Adaptive Training Foundation in Dallas, Texas. There, bolstered by the ATF and High Fives Foundation, Q found a community that championed his growth throughout recovery and emphasized a positive approach to moving forward in life.
Through this training and guidance, Q has discovered the exponential effect of a positive, forward-thinking mindset. One of the many extraordinary places this approach has taken him is the slopes of Palisades Tahoe formerly Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. Upon Olympic Valley’s highest terrain, Q conquered a leg-burning single-ski descent from the summit. A truly remarkable feat as it was his first experience ever on one ski. Each turn made – symbolic and literal – Q has carved his path while surrounding himself with people who provide an endless celebration of a life well-lived.
“I was lucky enough to find a community that maybe didn’t know what it was like to be hurting all the time, but they were there to support, fall down, and overcome with me. I encourage you all to surround yourselves with those who see your greatest potential and help you to achieve things you never thought possible. Injury is not the final story, but the pivotal moment that can unleash a new potential to become your greatest self.”
It’s in this way that Q empowers us all to be boundless.