For families eager to hit the slopes this winter season, finding a solution for childcare is often seen as a challenge. However, the mountains are truly a playground for all, and several Ikon Pass ski destinations offer top-notch childcare services that give parents peace of mind while enjoying some time on the snow. From infant care to kids’ ski and snowboard lessons, there are options for all ages.

Two toddlers coloring with markers at a ski destination with daycare

Childcare at Mammoth Mountain

At Mammoth, families can choose from a variety of children’s full- or half-day programs.

Mammoth’s infant care is for newborns to 23-month-olds. The professional staff caters to each child’s needs and schedules, documenting feeding, napping, and diapering times during the day. The nursery features age-appropriate toys, music, swings, and more to best care for your little ones. Child to staff ratio is 4:1.

Childcare is for kids ages 2-6 and offers a structured day of activities such as arts and crafts, storytelling, games, puzzles, and more. Child to staff ratio is approximately 7:1.

If you have a little ripper in your crew, you can always sign them up for kids’ ski or ride lessons. But there is also a Childcare option that includes a half-day lesson and rest time off the snow.

Then, after the last chair comes around, parents hoping for a night off can take advantage of Mammoth’s evening childcare. Offered from 5-9pm, this program lets kids can enjoy board games, videos, and crafts. Plus, dinner is provided, meaning one less thing to worry about for parents.

Deer Valley Children’s Center

The elite customer service guests find at Deer Valley doesn’t stop with adults. Childcare at this Utah icon is some of the best in the industry, providing a safe and nurturing environment for the gnarliest of groms. State-licensed, the Deer Valley facility offers care for children ages 2 months to 12 years, with dedicated rooms to help manage all age groups effectively. Kids will enjoy plenty of play time, art projects, singing, storytelling, and regular access to outdoor playgrounds. The child-to-staff ratio is 4:1 for children 2 and under, and 7:1 for kids 3-12 years old.

Parent dropping off their child at a ski destination with daycare

Stratton Child Care

Stratton offers full-day care for kids starting as young as 6 weeks and up to 3.5 years old. This full-fledged program includes art projects, sensory play, outdoor time, stories, and sing-alongs that fuel your little’s imagination. Parents can even add a 1-hour ski or snowboard lesson for a limited additional cost. Located at skier drop-off, the daycare center is a convenient option for parents and a fun experience for children. The child-to-staff ratio ranges anywhere from 4:1 to 10:1, depending on age.

Adult reading a book to two toddlers during daycare

Sugarbush Day School

Located in the village, the Sugarbush Day school is a state-licensed daycare serving kids from 6 weeks new to 4 years old. Older kiddos are guaranteed a fun-filled day of activities in the Winter Room, where knowledgeable staff ensures comfort and entertainment. In the nursery, Sugarbush keeps its youngest visitors cozy (6 weeks to 15 months) while their parents are out for a cruise. Breast milk friendly, this facility also provides a room where mothers can pump or feed. For older children, Sugarbush Day School provides snacks, lunch, and drinks, and parents can also bring their own food if they wish.

Kids at Blue Childcare

Blue Mountain’s childcare, located at the Upper Base Lodge, offers a unique educational experience for kids 4 years old and younger. The program focuses on emotional, social, and physical development through specially crafted activities and plenty of outdoor adventures.

Snowshoe’s Pre-Ski School

If you’re visiting Snowshoe this season, sign your littlest shredders up for “playcare.” Kids ages 2-4 can take part in half and full-day programs that offer crafts, toys, and on-snow playtime. There are even lessons designed for little bodies. From the top of this infamous upside-down mountain, kids can share the stoke while making new friends and exploring new adventures.

With over 50 unique destinations worldwide, many with childcare options beyond what have been shared here, families no longer need to sacrifice their ski or snowboard plans just for the sake of childcare. Instead, everyone can have a memorable and enjoyable time while making the most of what the mountain has to offer. After all, these are the playgrounds for all to enjoy. So, if you’ve got kiddos in tow, check with your local mountain to see what option is right for you. And, as with any program that maintains limited spots, please remember to check availability in advance, as spots can fill up quickly.