The path laid out before each of us is a constant process of discovery. A process that at times can be both daunting and challenging. But when we take control of our future and begin to carve out our own path, it is an endless opportunity to explore our boundaries and grow beyond them. Because it is the human potential in each of us that truly knows no bounds.

Adaptive Athlete Brittani Coury

Brittani Coury is boundless. Based out of Utah’s famed Cottonwood Canyons, Brittani is an adaptive athlete who calls the mountains home.
A series of injuries, subsequent surgeries, and an amputation drove Brittani to choose a job as a registered nurse. Through insight and empathy, Brittani was able to help care for others who were traversing the same life adjustments that she had previously encountered. Along this path, she found herself back in the mountains, on a snowboard, reliving the sense of freedom she had always associated with carving lines and exploring open terrain.
Adaptive Athlete Brittani Coury snowboarding through fresh powder
Transitions back onto the snow opened up a new world of boundless adventure. Utilizing the range of renowned Utah destinations on the Ikon Pass, Brittani has been able to explore her abilities, train with coaches, and chase her dreams on the adaptive snowboard race circuit. In 2018, the Winter Paralympic Games were hosted in PyeongChang, South Korea, and it’s on this stage that Brittani climbed the podium at the age of 30, racing her way to silver in the banked slalom.
Quick to recognize it’s not all about who gets down the hill first, Brittani strives for balance in her life. Off the podium, she’s eager to explore new mountains while enjoying the pleasures found in carving a fresh, clean line. Any condition, any race, any easy turn, it all happens in the mountains. And it’s in the mountains where Brittani feels most at home.
It’s in this way that Brittani empowers us all to be boundless.

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