Professional sit-skier Trevor Kennison recently visited CMH in Canada for an unforgettable heli-skiing experience. We caught up with him for a quick chat about what he loved most about his trip.

Q: Give us a quick bio of who you are. Where do you live, how long have you been sit-skiing, what is your background?

A: My name is Trevor Kennison. I am a professional skier. I live in Winter Park, Colorado. I have been sit skiing for about 5 years. My background was I used to be a plumber and loved to snowboard.


Q: Purcell is CMH’s newest lodge. Tell us what it was like to visit and stay there.

A: It was beautiful and the staff was wicked helpful and wonderful!


Q: Who joined you at CMH?

A: Level 1 Productions joined me as well as athletes Birk Irving and Parker White.

Q: What was it like to go heli-skiing as an adaptive skier?

A: It is awesome being an adaptive skier going heli-skiing because the [helicopter] brings me to places where I wouldn’t get to on my own. Getting in and out of the heli was probably the toughest part. Once figuring it out, it was amazing all of the terrain CMH’s Purcell had to offer.


Q: What has been your favorite mountain experience so far this season?

A: This one, getting to experience all of this with Parker and Birk. Every time, going in the backcountry, I am so humbled, the mountains are so big. 


Q: How do you hope to see the world of adaptive winter sports evolving over the next few years?

A: I hope to see winter adaptive sports keep growing and growing!


Q: What advice do you have for others who are looking to try heli-skiing?

A: My advice is to definitely go try [it] if you can. It’s one of the best experiences of my life.

A Little More About CMH

Started in 1965, CMH is the oldest and largest heli-skiing operation in the world. Today, it lays claim to 3 million acres of skiable terrain in British Colombia, Canada. Yep, you read that right. Three million acres. That makes it bigger than all North American ski areas combined.

And how do you reach all this practically untouched land? In one of CMH’s 32 helicopters, flown by extremely experienced pilots. Sit back, relax, and soak in the breathtaking views as the helis carry you to varying terrain throughout the Canadian Rockies. No matter if you enjoy massive vertical, subalpine bowls, pillowy powder, or tree skiing, CMH has it all.


A helicopter lifting off of a snow-covered mountain, with people watching as it takes off

But you never have to worry about sharing this terrain with large crowds of other skiers and riders. At CMH, groups never exceed 11 people. And experienced guides are with you the whole way, helping to explore the area safely.

At the end of the day, you can relax in one of 12 luxury lodges, each touting its own personality and amenities. There’s even activities for the non-skiers and riders in your group, like relaxing spa treatments, picturesque hot tub views, game rooms, climbing walls, and much more. Plus, with CMH’s dedicated team of 44 chefs, each lodge has a specially crafted menu, giving you a truly unique gourmet dining experience unlike any other.

a panoramic view of a mountain scene with a large wooden lodge in the forefront

First-Timer Territory

Contrary to what you might think, heli-skiing is not limited to just the advanced and professional skiers and snowboarders. While some of the terrain can be extreme, there are a lot of introductory options for people who prefer a more relaxed, but still exciting, powder adventure.

The Bugaboos Lodge, where the heli-skiing magic first began, plays host to many of CMH’s Powder Intro programs. This lodge is your luxurious home base for days of varied snow action, from riding steep alpine lines to cruising mellow valley powder. It’s the ideal terrain for both first-timers and experts.

Cariboos Lodge is a cozy retreat that gives you access to the remote backcountry of the Cariboo mountain range. You’ll relish in being the first to carve the snow every day, tackling fluffy snow piles and weaving down tree runs. And if you’re still a little unsure of your abilities, Cariboos offers more support with one of the highest ski guide to guest ratios of any CMH lodge.

CMH Purcell is the newest heli-skiing destination, joining the ranks in August 2021. As Trevor discovered, skiing this landscape is a truly unforgettable experience. The wide open glaciers, and subalpine forests provide enough varied terrain to please any level of skier or rider. Plus, CMH Purcell is the only trip that offers 1, 2 or 3-day options. Which means, if it’s your first time, you can test the water for just one day, if you want. It’s the perfect introduction to the heli-skiing world.

Ready to Fly

If you’ve been pondering a heli-ski trip for a while or just caught wind of this mountain adventure, follow Trevor’s advice, and make it happen. There’s no better time than now. CMH’s Booking Week for 2022/2023 heli-skiing trips kicks off on May 9, with Ikon Pass holders getting access to book on May 10 (a day before the general public). There is limited availability and space books up fast, so check out all the trips ahead of time so you know exactly what you want when those bookings open up.

A helicopter sits on a snowy landscape with a group of people standing next to it