From first turns to last laughs, the mountains welcome all. And when you play here – lifted in spirit and in-step with nature – stoke is waiting around every turn. Whether found cutting through trees, cruising atop powder pillows or while crushing down the face of a rope-dropped bowl with your crew, these moments in the mountains are as individual as they are connected, always inviting you to take your personal style of stoke just a little bit further.


At home in Canada’s Cypress Mountain, Judy has quickly been crushing 2 years of mountain adventure. Constantly seeking out new perspectives, welcoming new faces, and celebrating living large, Judy knows that when your playground is the mountains, the stoke welcomes all.


A true Colorado ripper who calls Winter Park homeTrevor Kennison is a sit-skier who plays hard in the mountains. In doing so, Trevor embraces the freedom of open spaces, carries gratitude for what he’s able to experience, and devotes his passions to his next new line. Trevor knows that stoke is more grateful with mountains as your playground. 


Sharing the stoke from Aspen, Colorado, Tess Weaver is growing the love while raising her lil’ ripper to live large. Tess knows that when the mountains are your playground, the stoke lives for all ages.


Based out of Mammoth, California, Abe Kislevitz is a content creator and adventure hound who sees the mountains as a place to charge hard, test limits, and send it big. Abe knows that stoke sends it harder with the mountains as your playground.