Sunday, March 8, 2020
A global day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

A worldwide family of unique, inspiring destinations, each rich in natural beauty and stacked top-to-bottom with adventure; this is what the Ikon Pass unlocks and celebrates. And working behind the scenes is a team of dedicated individuals who hustle non-stop to identify, cultivate, and grow these mountain experiences. With International Women’s Day taking place this Sunday, now is the perfect moment to celebrate the social, economic, and cultural influences of the women who help to make this family a reality.

Patti Duncan

President at Snowshoe

With a background spanning 20-years of experience at Snowshoe, Patti Duncan is currently celebrating her 2nd year as President and COO; the first woman to serve in this role in the mountain’s 46-year history. In this capacity, Patti ensures that Snowshoe is focused on the future while creating memorable mountain experiences today.

Patti Duncan, President of Snowshoe

“The most important thing to me is to work well alongside our team, and to be a leader that can be trusted and relied upon, one who takes responsibility and appreciates their people.”

A lifelong champion of the mountain lifestyle, Patti appreciates snowboarding, biking, and is continually striving to provide the strong family and hospitality-driven culture that Snowshoe employees and guests value. With over 30 years of work towards this goal, there’s nothing else Patti would rather be doing.

Kim Mayhew

President at Solitude

Forged from the rugged ski experiences inherent to New Hampshire’s White Mountains, Kim cut her edges with inspiration from her ski-racer father. In 1980, she left her day job as a dental hygienist to chase snow across the United States and Canada with her husband, seeking adventure and the opportunity to be in the mountains. Now, 40 years later, the adventure continues as Kim builds upon her career in the ski industry, from teaching and directing children’s programs, managing human resources, and, most recently, as President of Solitude.

Kim Mayhew, President of Solitude Mountain

“The approach that has worked for me is to seek first to understand, then be understood. This attitude builds respect among colleagues and enables me to make informed decisions when the time comes. We are seeing more women rise in this industry, and I consider it an obligation and an honor to foster the next generation of leaders, regardless of gender.”

Forty years of professional growth within the ski industry has been achieved by focusing on a couple of simple, people-first principals. These include valuing the human side of the business while nurturing people, letting them have fun, and coaching them to create experiences that guests will return to again and again.

Stacy Manning

Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Blue Mountain

Respected as a veteran in the ski industry, Stacy Manning uses her 30 years of experience to elevate the customer experience on the very mountain where she learned to ski, the Blue Mountain Escarpment.

Stacy Manning, VP at Blue Mountain

“Being a woman in the ski industry looks a lot different than it did when I started at Blue Mountain. I’m excited to see the ratio of men to women in the boardroom start to look more like it does on the slopes. It doesn’t matter who you are or how you identify, if you love being on-hill, you should feel confident that you can sit at the table and throw your goggles in the ring! The future is bright for the industry and women.”

From on-mountain events to annual marketing campaigns, Stacy leads the promotional elements that tell the story of Blue Mountain’s growth and dedication to hospitality and tourism, year after year.

Sarah Jones

Director of Sustainability & Community Engagement at Steamboat

Building off of a background rich in recreational skiing, and two decades dedicated to addressing climate change professionally, Sarah Jones has combined her two lifelong pursuits at Steamboat Ski Resort as Director of Sustainability and Community Engagement.

Sarah Jones, Director at Steamboat

“I have been around ski areas and skiing all my life. These are my people. Working in the ski industry connects me directly to the natural environment every day. It provides motivation to address climate change and inspiration when the task seems overwhelming.”

A champion of natural resources and environmental conservation, Sarah focuses her efforts on multilateral partnerships that support climate mitigation and drive the advancement of community sustainability and resilience efforts.

From mountain to mountain, country to country, an equal world is an enabled world. The Ikon Pass community is lifted in a large part due to the efforts, skills, and knowledge provided by the unique women who work across its varied landscapes. These women and the thousands more at Ikon Pass destination are to be admired, learned from, and championed.

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