Two employees at Mammoth Mountain playing in the snow. Bring the snow, embrace the ritual.

Bring the Snow. Embrace the Ritual.

It’s born into us, passed down from old guards to lil rippers. It’s that thing set deeply into our collective bones and community beliefs. Sometimes quirky, sometimes subconscious, always with passion, we all welcome winter in our own way.

Bring the snow. Embrace the ritual.

As destinations open across the country, people are hoping for record snowfall. From crossing fingers and lighting prayer candles, to growing snow beards and wearing favorite clothes every day, there are all kinds of snow summoning customs out there.

Here’s a taste of a few Ikon Pass favorites…

Episode 1 – Prescription for Powder Days

BE THE RITUAL – it’s the second nature of the soul. We know how it is. Be the ritual, and the snow will deepen.

Episode 2 – It’s in the Cards

BELIEVE THE RITUAL – it’s the willing suspension of disbelief. Believe in the ritual and welcome the snow.

Episode 3 – Silence for Snow

OWN THE RITUAL – it’s a promise of what’s to come. Own the ritual, and snow will fall.

Episode 4 – Do a Little Dance

PERFORM THE RITUAL – it’s the stupendous reality of superstition. Perform the ritual, and blanket the slopes in snow.

Episode 5 – Weathering the Storm

EMBRACE THE RITUAL – it’s the absurd made meaningful. Embrace the ritual and snow will stay.

Episode 6 – It Rhymes with Snow

SHARE THE RITUAL – it’s a unifying belief that binds the Ikon Pass Community. Share the ritual and share the stoke of snow.

There are many other powder-summoning superstitions out there, and we want to hear them. What are some of your flurry-formulating customs? If you can’t talk about them, we understand. But if you want to share, we’d love to hear from you. Tag @IkonPass on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #embracetheritual and tell us your best snow ritual.