Across each snowbound mountain destination on the Ikon Pass, there’s always more than meets the eye going on behind the scenes. Mountain wide – from before the sun rises until well after it sets – these activities and actions are rarely seen by guests. Yet, they are experienced day-in-and day out, constantly making the on-mountain experience something special and unique.

Beyond the snow, it takes motivated, passionate people to move mountains. These are the Ikon Pass employees who have demonstrated what it takes to keep things running, stepping up in hard times, and forever showing love for their mountain communities.

Bailey R. – Lead Ski Patrol at Copper Mountain

Bailey working as a Ski Patroller.

Meet Bailey Rice, a Ski Patrol Lead at Copper Mountain. With six winters under her belt, Bailey’s love for her job shines through her every action. She starts each day by preparing her faithful companion, Lillie, an avalanche dog, for work. Lillie’s infectious energy sets the tone for the day as she eagerly pulls Bailey on her skis as the two head out to the lifts to begin their work.

Throughout each day, Bailey ensures that Lillie keeps her skills sharp and the two engage in obedience tasks and daily scent work drills. When she’s not helping Lillie hone her skills, Bailey embodies her role as a Ski Patrol Lead by delegating responsibilities for her team whether they require medical, snow work, clean-up, or event support.

Ski patroller and avalanche dog preparing for work.

Bailey’s choice to pursue ski patrolling stemmed from her desire to gain medical experience as an EMT while also embracing her love for the outdoors and skiing. By merging her passions, she has found the ultimate job, one that allows her to combine all the things she loves. She serves as an inspiration to those aspiring to follow their passions and create a fulfilling career out of doing what they love.

Two ski patrollers holding a puppy.
“I really am super lucky, and I think I have found the best job ever, being able to do all the things that I love.” – Bailey